Path Traîna Manchou

Sentier "Traîna Manchou"

1623 Semsales

Didactic trail about trees in Semsales.

The trail « Traîna Manchou » is located on the Niremont road in the top of Semsales.

It starts on the right of the road. The wood shaving path climbs towards the forest. Along the walk, small huts give you descriptions about the different trees (its bark, its wood, its fruits…).


Office du Tourisme Châtel-St-Denis / Les Paccots et la Région
Place d'Armes 15
1618 Châtel-St-Denis

Walking time : 1 hour

Starting point : parking direction the Chapel du Niremont

Sentier "Traîna Manchou"

1623 Semsales

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