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Chalet Soup

For 6 persons
Cooking : 45-60 min

Ingredients :
• 10 potatoes
• 2 onions
• a handful of wild spinach
• a handful of nettles
• 1l milk
• 2l water
• 200g cornettes pasta
• 3dl double cream
• salt
• Gruyère cheese strips

Preparation :
Cook the potatoes cut into large cubes and the chopped onions with the water, milk and salt. Add spinach and nettles cut into strips and cook 45 min to 1h. Add the cornettes and cook another 10 min. Add the cream and don't cook any more, just heat. Put the cheese in the plates and serve the soup on top. You can cook a piece of bacon at the same time for a change.

Cuisine & traditions au Pays de Fribourg. Editions La Sarine.

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