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Cream macaroni

For 2 persons
Preparation : 10 min
Cooking : 10 min

Ingredients :
•350 to 400 g of fairly large cornettes (not with eggs)
•250 g Gruyère AOP (grated with a large grater)
•250 g onions
•2 to 3 dl of very thick and slightly acidic cream
•salt and pepper
•a little butter
•a drizzle of white wine or vinegar

Preparation :
Cook the macaroni in salted water at the last minute (do not overcook them, important). In a cast iron pan, melt the butter, put the onions, without roasting them, add part of the cream, drained hot pasta and grated cheese. Mix while heating, add salt, pepper and the rest of the cream and a drizzle of vinegar or white wine. It is important that the macaroni stay hot, but it must not boil at all. They must be creamy and smooth.

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