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Peat bog "La Mosse d’En Bas"

Forêt du Bois de Ban
1624 Le Crêt

This site is registered in the national bog inventory and is protected since 1991. The peat bog has always been exploited.

In the past, the peat was a much sought-after fuel especially during the war. This activity stopped at the beginning of the 1970's.

A wood shaving covered path go through the peat bog. You can discover the rarities of that environment, including sundew, a carnivorous plant or small sedge long rhizome, extremely rare plant in Switzerland.

Along the path...
Educational boards give you a lot of specific information


Office du Tourisme Châtel-St-Denis / Les Paccots et la Région
Place d'Armes 15
1618 Châtel-St-Denis

Walking time : about 1 h
Parking at disposal.
The starting point of this path is the same than the path "A tire d’ailes".

Access : This site is reachable with the public transportation : Car Postal La Verrerie - Oron-la-Ville, stop Champ-de-l'Eglise or Bremudens. From the bus stop you need about 15 minutes walk to thne site.

Forêt du Bois de Ban
1624 Le Crêt

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