Tree Trail

The Tree Trail is a bucolic forest walk. Some remarkable specimens can be discovered along the 15-kilometre stretch of pathways. It is a walk that brings you closer to nature.

While the path leads you mainly through forest, you will encounter various landscapes; it crosses villages, travels along the peaceful river Mionna that flows through the valley, and saunters alongside neatly kept fields. Setting off from Saint-Martin, you can also find a shelter for a picnic stop. The masters of the forests you will travel through are the three spectacular, impressive and remarkable trees that take a starring role on this walk.

In Greek mythology, the Hydra had several heads, which re-grew whenever they were cut off. The "Hydra" tree has an enormous trunk that also separates into several branches; these intertwine, dividing in turn to form a dense network of branches that embrace one another. This beech tree is 30 metres high.

The "Survivor" or "Victor" of La Verrerie is an old oak tree. Its twin was the victim of a lightning strike and its stump lies on the ground, smoothed by the elements. The oak that survived has spectacular roots, which surround the neighbouring rock before finding their way to the nourishing earth.

Three beech trees have grown together, so closely and harmoniously that their trunks have joined and become one, "The Triplet". As though ruffled by the wind, it leans towards the edge of the wood and the light.

Old coal mines were operated in the region in 1920 and between 1942 and 1947. Over 300 people worked in them. Cavities and some slag heaps still bear witness to this past.




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