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Fondue, the speciality you have to try

If during wintertime after a ski session, in the summer in a typical chalet of Les Paccots or at home with friends, eating a fondue is always an awesome tasting experience !
So, do not hesitate and take time to taste one in the land well-known for fondue.

In Switzerland, before XVIIIth century, cheese was not eaten in the alps and the prealps. In the countryside, grain farming was predominant and only rich city inhabitants and wealthy farmers were consuming hard cheese. As village dairies began to appear, farmers deliver milk to them. So, in the middle of XVIIIth century, cheese was now popular in all social standings.
Fondue was described for the very first time by Albert Hauser in 1699, in a manuscript found in Zurich. The receipt called „To cook cheese with wine“ is very similar to today’s receipt. The actual receipt can be found for the first time in a cookery book published in 1885 by a housekeeping school situated in Zurich.
Today, you will find the best fondue moitié-moitié and vacherin in Les Paccots, Châtel-St-Denis and the whole south area of Freiburg.